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Recently Baseball league release their new app for all baseball fans. You can find it on Google Play and iTunes store, o downlaod to your pc and pay for it through Paypal. Piatt hasn’t lived up to expectations given after he was named Baseball America’s Player of the Year in 1999. His ’99 season looks like a stone-cold fluke as he returned to more mortal numbers upon being promoted to AAA and out of Midland’s excellent hitters’ park. He still has some potential and Piatt can crush just about anything inside. You can get free version on Google Play and iTunes, or you can pay with Paypal for full functions and possibilities while playing. – visit here for more.

Disappointing or not, he’s worth a waiver pickup by the Devil Rays. Looking at the team stats for the Rays at positions Piatt could conceivably play (and Tigers, who had no business not claiming him).

Now this is how you pick up a second baseman in August. The Giants had a specific need to fill, that of a temporary 2B replacement so Alfonzo can play 3B while Ray Durham’s out. They targeted a player who can actually contribute in Young. They traded something they could easily miss, a lower-level starting prospect who’s third-tier and will probably become a reliever anyway. The Cubs only traded something they could miss, but it’s the first two that makes any “win now” proposition go.

This trade probably illustrates the biggest strengths of Brian Sabean as a GM. He’s always willing to make trades in-season to fill actual holes as they open. You’ll never see Brian Sabean panic and grab the first shiny object that jumps in front of his face and he’ll rarely solve a problem that doesn’t exist. It’s the signings rather than the trades that keep Sabean a top 12 GM instead of a top 5. The only really *bad* trade I can think of was the Moss trade.

I believe that Sabean’s strengths mean that the Giants have a better chance at squeezing out a World Series win from their aging core than the Mariners do. Pat Gillick needs to channel the Trader Pat of the early 90s instead of Stand Pat the rest of the time.

And all this time, I thought Dusty was just stupid. It’s clear now that Dusty has an appreciation of baseball history and merely wants to keep the dead-ball era alive. After all, the last time the Cubs won a World Series, it was in the heart of those low-offense times. Unfortunately, it’s 95 years later, so Solly Hofman isn’t alive to sign and play in front of Choi.

Womack will fit in nicely. If Womack couldn’t contribute despite hitting .282 or stealing 72 bases, it should be a cinch to not contribute hitting .225 without most of his speed. He’s never played infield well defensively, so there are no worries about him accidentally helping the Cubs win games there.

Gil had been a joke of a hitter for a long time, but was a great role player for the Angels the last two years. I remember seeing Gil when he was a rookie a decade ago and the guy must have put on 3 inches and 50 pounds since those days. Gil will still be an adequate 5th infielder for someone.

Zeile still hasn’t hit in the 21st century, will be 38 in a couple of weeks, so he’s about out of chances now. I think a team that’s a fan of veterans and could use a 1B/3B righty bat will sign Zeile the next few weeks, perhaps the Mariners or Reds. They won’t get much from him, but when your third basemen are hitting 238/318/326 as Seattle’s are, you’ll try just about anything. Or at least, you should, but it’s Pat Gillick and it’s in-season.

Well, it’s good to have a comedy alternative to the now-sad Saturday Night Live but I don’t think Hee Seop Choi or Cubs fans should find this particularly amusing. It’s almost as if Dusty Baker suddenly came to the realization that Eric Karros can’t hit right-handers and frantically called Jim Hendry to save the Cubs from the dreaded prospect of playing their potential star. In Dusty Baker’s world, day games are for black players and night games are for AARP members.

Used properly, Dusty Baker can be a positive for the Cubs. But Hendry has shown little apparent interest in doing his job in a manner that would curb some of Baker’s worst traits. Baker’s certainly at fault for playing Lenny Harris, but Baker couldn’t play LFH if LFH was sitting at home in May and June.

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Big thumbs down on Randall Simon. He’s an inferior player to Choi and has to hit .320 most years to be as good as Choi hitting .220.

The trade isn’t about Ray Sadler, but Ray Sadler the Pirates got. Possibly a nice 4th outfielder if he develops some more. What do you expect? It’s Randall Simon.

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Didn’t expect to see Coleman’s name pop up again unless the topic is Atlantic League boxscores (as he’s been recently). He’s most likely roster filler, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Coleman get some at-bats for the Reds sometime over the next month. No, he won’t be good, but with Guillen, Griffey, Dunn, Kearns, and even Jacob Cruz either gone or injured, Coleman won’t have an uphill battle fighting his way into the Red outfield.

Just when everyone thinks that the Pirates are salvaging the Aramis Ramirez trade, they figure out a completely new way to make the trade bad again, by DFAing Matt Bruback, who is no Rich Harden but there ain’t 40 players in the Pirates organization more worthy of a spot than him.

You heard it here first. The Pirates DFA Bobby Hill in spring training after signing Chad Fonville and Jeff Branson to handle the left side of the infield.